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Highlight Tips


Start recording and each time you hear something you'd like to recall, simply touch the screen and mark it. A highlight point will be added. Add as many highlights as you'd like, there is no limit. A little slow on making the mark? You can set the highlight to automatically shift back a few seconds (offset) through the Settings screen.

What if I need to take a break while recording?

You may pause the recording and simply tap the "Resume" button to continue recording.

Can I name my recording and highlights while recording?

Yes. Touch the "New Recording" title on the top of the recording screen and you will be prompted to enter a name. You can mark and name a highlight at the same time by double tapping the Mark Highlight button. The highlight will be saved and you will be prompted to enter a name.

Can I take a picture while recording?

Yes. The picture will be displayed to the left of the recording name on the Home screen of Highlight, as well as on the Recording Details screen. The picture will serve as a visual cue, and reminder about the subject of the recording. Think of it like album art for a CD. Retaking the photo during recording will replace the current picture assigned to the recording with the new one.

You can change the photo once a recording is complete by tapping the recording on the Home screen and then touching the Edit button on the Recording Details screen.

May I exit Highlight while recording?

Yes, your recording will continue. If you launch another app that uses audio features, such as video player or games, you may lose your current recording.

Sometimes I don’t know I want to highlight something until after I’ve heard it. What can I do?

Highlight can be set to automatically shift backa few seconds (-2, -5, or -10)during a recording when the highlight button is tapped. To enable this feature select "Highlight Offset" on the Settings screen. The Settings screen is accessible by tapping the gear icon on the Home screen of Highlight.

How many recordings can I create?

The number of recordings you can create with Highlight is limited only by the amount of free memory available on your device.

What happens if I get a phone call while recording?

If your recording is interrupted by a phone call, your recording and highlights are saved. When you return to Highlight you will need to start a new recording. We recommend placing your device into Airplane Mode when you begin a recording to reduce interruptions and provide a smooth recording experience.

Where are my highlights stored?

All your highlights, notes and other recording data are stored within a single, small audio file.



Playback your recording in whole, or instantly jump to your marked highlights allowing you to quickly access key information and data. You can add more highlights, or delete existing ones, in playback mode too. Enrich your recording by entering notes, a picture and a rating in the Details screen.

How do I delete a recording?

To delete a recording, tap the trash can icon on the top of the Home screen (upper left on iPhone/iPod Touch and upper right on iPad).This will put the Home screen into “delete” mode. You can then delete recordings one at a time. When finished deleting, tap the trash can icon again.

What audio format does Highlight use?

Highlight saves recordings in Apple’s Core Audio format, which can be played back with Highlight Player for OS X, or on a Mac or PC with QuickTime.



All your highlights, notes and other recording data are stored within a single, small audio file, making it easy to share the "aha" experience. Upload a recording to Dropbox, send via email, or copy to your desktop with iTunes file sharing.

Using the Highlight Player companion app for OS X, others can easily play recordings you send them from Highlight right on their desktop, allowing you to quickly spread key knowledge and “aha” moments to teammates and others throughout your organization.

Highlight recordings may also be played using QuickTime on a Mac or a PC. QuickTime does not provide access to a recording’s metadata (highlights, notes, image, location and rating). To email recordings, scroll to the bottom of the Details screen of a particular recording and tap the Share button.

How do I copy recordings from Highlight to my computer using iTunes file transfer?

To transfer recordings to your computer's desktop connect your device to your Mac or PC and open iTunes. In the left-hand column of iTunes select your device, which will be listed under Devices. Within the right-pane of iTunes click on the tab labeled Apps. At the bottom of the screen you will see a section labeled File Sharing. Select Highlight from the list of Apps. You will see recordings listed to the right with the options to save them to your computer, or add existing Highlight recordings from your computer onto your device.

Highlight iTunes File Sharing Screenshot


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